Man, why can’t I write anymore??

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Well, let me confess straight away. I haven’t written anything here since 1847…. Or maybe it just FEELS that long. Now, I can offer a variety of excuses for this lapse from my part… like being such a bigshot in my company that I can’t afford some time to update the blog… or having a bunch of projects lined up that gives me no time for anything else… or that I’ve been offered big moolah from syndicated agencies to stop blogging here so that I can get paid for blogging elsewhere… Good excuses. Nice ones. Lies, but good ones.

The truth, as usual, is a bit more complicated. And of course, it has many points.

Point 1. I don’t have enough time. Not true, but not ALTOGETHER false either. I have been kinda held up with work and some other engagements…

Point 2. Poor response from the blog – I recently installed a counter for my blog. Just to get an idea about how many people my humble blog was attracting. The counter said 200… Over several months… Turns out I wasn’t humble enough. It was disappointing. I thought, well, the blog seems to be dying. I didn’t have the heart to bury it, though. (Actually, I was just too lazy to bury it.) Anyway, I was beginning to feel that maybe it wasn’t worth the effort…

Point 3. I want a proper site – For a long time, I have been thinking about setting up a proper site, as opposed to a blog… This, of course would take up more of my time… It’s just something I want, and my excellently talented friend, Manikuttan, has promised to help me with it if I can get the framework done. Now I have to admit that this was several months ago, and I still haven’t started working on it… I guess I’ll just have to find some time for this.

Point 4. I am lazy – Nuff said. I decided I’ll put this point fourth, so that some of the attention is turned away from this. And I’d urge you to ignore this point as much as possible… You may notice that this particular point is even written in a smaller font to encourage any trend to ignore… Ya, I’m smart. I know.

Point 5. I am not able to write like I used to – It used to be so that I could write very spontaneously… I just sit down and start typing, without even thinking of a topic, and somehow, I end up liking what I finish…. and then I post it or mail it… It’s done. Now, I rarely write something I end up liking… Maybe that’s BECAUSE I haven’t written in a long time… Maybe I’m losing my touch…. Now, that would induce the normal sane person to sit upright, take notice, and start writing with a vengeance till he got his groove back… But point 4 is kinda restraining me in that aspect.

Today, I got a big boost about my blog… I was chatting on the web, and someone (kd) actually recognized me through the blog. I was beaming so much I probably looked like an idiot. I could have snagged the part of “The Joker” quite easily, I think… It motivated me a bit. I need to start writing. I need to revive my blog. I need to start telling people about my blog. I need to market it properly. I need to…

Gawd, that’s a LOT of work…..

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1 Response

  1. Arun Jose says:

    hehe… welcome back… nice ending! 🙂

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