Ten Twelfth of a Year, BC

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When I started this blog, I didn’t really intend to be a blogger. I didn’t even know what a blogger was. I was just using the internet to store mails I typically used to send to old friends, many of whom had threatened to call authorities if I didn’t stop. But over time, something snapped and I crossed over. Now I am one of them; a blogging enthusiast.

What makes me an enthusiast? I try to understand what I should do to increase traffic on my blogs. Note: I said I try to understand what I should do… Not that I DO these things. I just understand them. As far as tips are concerned, I am on first name-nickname basis with the eminent SEO guru, Manikuttan Karthik, from The Daily SEO Blog who doles out Grade A marketing insights on a daily basis. In our talks, he has given me around 20-30 logical, feasible, practical suggestions for the task at hand. One of the few tips that I actually tried was to be active in communities.

While I did join up with some forgotten communities, the only one where I was active was the fantabulous Humorbloggers. This is where I’ve met some of the funniest bloggers I’ve seen, including the ever-helpful Eve from That’s Funny Because.

Eve suggested that I sign up with Blog Catalog as well. I am definitely not one to ignore direct advice from Eve, so I scurried along to BC. Apparently, my blog was already registered there; has been for over ten months. And that too, with some unknown email ID. For ten twelfth of a year, my blog had been registered in BC, but I was logged out; I couldn’t log in; I couldn’t register again; and I couldn’t send along a ‘Forgot Password’ request.

Hijacked! Identity theft! Someone stole my identity! A sini… Whoa. Someone stole my identity? That doesn’t sound right. Why would anyone…Hmm… Maybe it’s a ransom demand. That’s it. A ransom demand. Any day now, I’d be receiving an anonymous mail spliced together with alphabets cut out of stupid old newspapers.

Dear Hammy,

We have your BlogCatalog ID. If you ever want to login again, get two million bytes of data from your site in unmarked, non-sequential, non-buggy code, and login to the chatroom ‘KidnappersRUs’. Come alone. You shall get further instructions from there. If you call the BlogCatalog authorities, we shall send you your login ID in little pieces. Remember; No punny stuff.

Anonymously yours,

Roger I mean, Mr. Anonymous.

At least, this was the initial reaction. On careful reconsideration, there seemed to be several problems with this theory.

  1. If the ID thieves have indeed stolen my identity, why would they waste 10 months before sending such a letter.
  2. I’m nowhere near as famous enough to be targeted this way.
  3. If they’re going to send me the ID in little pieces, that would be ok with me too.

I was man enough to admit that I had made a hasty judgment here. I wrote to the BC authorities and explained the situation. I think I did the right thing by not mentioning the ID theft theory.

Unfortunately, they sent initial communiation all to the unknown mystery email ID that my site was registered with. So I was still stuck outside BC. I could see my site displayed at “http://www.blogcatalog.com/blogs/the-blah-blahs-and-the-yada-yadas.html”, but I couldn’t log in. Eve told me that apparently, many people had tried to add me as a friend, but I couldn’t log in to I spent a lot of energy on following this matter up, grovelling energy and pleading energy, but finally, I have found the mystery email ID.


hamish@gmail.com instead of hamishjoy@gmail.com.

They took out my joy. Literally. Of course, considering the level of klutzhood I display, I think this goof up has entirely been from my end. Anyway, I used this information to re-login and mark the territory. No, I just had to change the email ID from their files… bring back the joy, so to speak. So I’m finally on BC, after ten twelfth of a year in latent dormancy. It’s still a matter of debate whether I’ll be active. But I’ll try. If I get active enough, maybe people will stop laughing their heads off when I talk about people demanding my writing as ransom.

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9 Responses

  1. Bill Libbey says:

    You can’t go wrong listening to advise from Eve Cleveland! Well, okay, you probably can, but in a good way. This story sounds so typically Hammy – and thats a good thing – making the ordinary soooo funny. Cheers Hammy.

  2. silverine says:

    Hilarious!!!! 😀

    Serves you right for that stupid stupid thing you did in the last post!!

  3. Binny V A says:

    If they stole my identity, they would give it back to me free of cost. And give me some money out of sympathy.

  4. eve says:

    Hey, Hon! So happy that I could be of service to you in any way…now my laptop has come down with something! I made it chicken soup with rice and am keeping it warm, so let’s hope for the best.
    Big hugs with glitter on them from me!

  5. blog catalog.. athu entah sadanam? poyi nokatte…. 🙂

  6. RedRaider says:

    Oh well, ten months out of you’re entire blogging career. What’s 10 months when you’re having all of this fun. Huh? By the way: Pay attention next time nimrod!

  7. Deb says:

    Welcome back to the blogging world on BC, Hammy! Live and learn. Never negotiate with kidnappers.

  8. AngieSS says:

    LOL I’m so glad I’m not the only one that loses my identity. Oh wait, you were talking about email ID. Nevermind. Anyhowser, glad that you will be part of BC as well. Though I must admit, I don’t get over there as much as I should. 🙂

  9. hammy says:

    Sorry about the really late reply, y’all… I got ricocheted around for some office work.

    @bill libey:
    Absolutely, Bill. Agree with you completely.

    Ouch. You’re still mad about that one, eh? Well, Miss X has found it in her heart to forgive. Can’t you try to do something similar?

    @binny v a:
    Ah, sympathetic kidnappers… Not a very common breed these days.

    Chicken soup and rice for the laptop? Good luck. The last time I tried that, the motherboard got fried. I don’t know what happened. Maybe my laptop was vegetarian. I don’t know. Hope you had better luck.

    @anoop aka -xh-:
    Go check it out. It seems like a good thing.

    Oh, yeah, Red. Thanks for underst… wh… nimrod?? I’m going to sulk here for a while.

    Thanks, Deb. Words to live by. Never negotiate with kidnappers. If I’d known, I could have saved a lot of tension at my end.

    Hmm… Well, Angie. I am not that active over there either. But at least it feels good to know that I can now log in when and if I want to.

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