Happy 2015, everyone!

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As anyone with a calendar and a moderate sense of awareness about the world around them can attest, it’s a brand new year. So… Happy New Year, everybody. Cheers, merriment, and well wishes all around. May 2015 be far better than 2014. And no, I’m not talking about the month May, 2015. Completely different ‘may’ there.


Procrastination. That’s the reason. Why have I not been writing for a long time now? I picked up several threads and started to write on them across the last few months. Good or bad, the threads just got abandoned after a while. I would think to myself “It’s ok. You can hold off for a bit. You’ve started the article, and that’s the main thing. You’re gonna finish it. I have faith in you. Now just click over to that link of the cat playing the piano.”

I wish I had a grand, satisfying reason for not dishing out articles over the past several months… or decades… I don’t even know. But it’s just good old fashioned procrastination that I have to blame.

That’s a really lame reason. I know. Let me try to analyze it better. There has to be a deeper reason. A reason to WHY I just put off writing. Why did I procrastinate?

Q. Did I run out of topics to write about? Not really. 2014 has been particularly eventful. I changed my job, made new friends, visited Oman, tried my hand at camping, and a bunch of other stuff that could have kept the blog running.

Q. Did I get overrun by work and other commitments? Sure, but that was always the case, and I used to find time for this as well.

Q. Did I get… hospitalized or something? No! Jeez. Bite your tongue.

Q. Did I get bored with writing? Wha? I sure hope not. I have always enjoyed writing… and I hope to carry that interest with me for all my life.

Q. So what, then? What reason do I have? Was I just being lazy? Hmm… bingo, I guess.

So yeah, that’s the deeper reason for my online disappearance. Not a lot better than procrastination. Actually, may be a lot worse.

But that’s the dead end, unfortunately. Nothing deeper to analyze here. Just pure laziness. Hopefully, I’ll be able to drive away the laziness demons a bit better this year. I’ll restart my engine, so to speak, and be more regular. Yes, I will do it. And I will start on this RIGHT AWAY. Right now, just as soon as I’m done with this funny cat video.

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